Preparation for Driving Test

Getting a driver’s license may seem a nuisance at first. The great amount of time needed for its preparation, hours and hours of driving practice, and remembering tons of signs which may seem useless at first. But, it is after receiving your license that you will notice that getting your license is one of the many milestones in your life that you will continue to cherish throughout the years. Here are some last minute tips that will assist you in passing your driving test and help you achieve your long awaited license.

First up is the knowledge test

The knowledge test is a written exam in the driving test that assess the drivers’ basic knowledge. Many experts agree that this part of the driving test is just common sense, but there is no common sense without knowledge. Knowledge can also be gained through studying.

  • The best advice I would give you would be to thoroughly go through your practice handbook once more before the exam and try to recall what you learnt over the past few months
  • It may seem like an overkill to know some of the unnecessary details, but you can never know too much especially if you’re careless when it comes to safety.
  • There are probably some statistics in your handbook about drinking and driving, I recommend that you should read them thoroughly as there is almost always a question about drinking and driving.
  • If you have enough time I would recommend that you practice as much as possible if you have the time. Don’t wait to soak up all the knowledge in the last moment.
  • Remember to read through each question and the possible answers slowly and carefully. Take your time and understand each question and each alternative before solving it, and if you’re having trouble then ask he nearby instructors or examiners during your test.

Next up is the road driving test

The road driving test is the practical exam in which the driver drives as the examiner personally checks and evaluates the drivers driving skills. It is also considered the most difficult part of getting your driver’s license. It takes a lot of practice and preparation to get ready.

  • Give your car a pre-test inspection to make sure everything is working perfectly. Also check the fluids in the car to make sure everything works well.
  • Take the car you’re most familiar with as you’ll feel much more comfortable in that nervous environment.
  • It is always better to arrive a little bit early to the testing site. It gives you time to mentally prepare yourself for the road driving test and familiarize yourself to the location.
  • During the test, pay attention. Specifically, watch out for school zones, parks or other areas where you are required to reduce speed and be cautious.
  • Always have a good control over your car. Firmly hold the steering wheel with both hands. Adjust your mirrors according to your requirement. And don’t be afraid to use the horn.
  • Since your driving test is a real experience you should be ready for anything
  • It’s better to be safe than sorry. Try to drive a little slower than the speed limit, and be careful of over speeding

Try to combat your nervousness by relaxing your senses and getting a good night sleep. And also be calm when driving and focus on the road driving test. All these tips and tricks should help prepare you for a better driving test experience

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