Tips To Pass Your Road Test in Guelph

Maybe you just want to give your test in Guelph, maybe you have no other choice but to do it there. Your best option would be to find a good driving school Guelph, and to pass it well. Now a catch here is that different driving schools have different pass rates. For...

What to Expect In a Driving School

There is no question that owning a private car is very advantageous. You will never have to worry about missing the bus in the morning or changing between different means of transportation in order to reach your destination. But with these advantages comes big...

Why People Fail Their Driving Test

Passing a driving test can be a tricky thing even after several months of practice with a car driving instructor. The driving road test is the only thing standing between you and a valid license to drive an automobile on the city roads. For this reason, the driving...

Reasons Why You Should Consider Defensive Driving

A form of training or practice for motor vehicles that requires the drivers to drive prudently in order to reduce the dangers associated with driving is called defensive driving. This may be done by anticipating dangerous scenarios, which could range from bad weather...

Steps To Prepare Your Car for Safe Winter Driving

Winters affect drivers in a number of ways, especially when you have to deal with snow and ice. The change in temperature not only offers extra chores related to car, for example wiping the snow off the windscreen, side windows, headlights, backup lights and...


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Guelph Driving School offers MTO approved beginner driver education (BDE) course, designed for drivers of all ages. Guelph driving school is offering wide range of professional services to teach the best possible driving techniques to all the drivers. Our goal is to excel to such a degree that students will recommend our services to family and friends.

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