More than 450,000 collisions occur annually in Canada. This statistic is quite scary and hence it is vital for all beginners to undergo driving training from MTO approved driving school in order to reduce any chance of going wrong while driving. Sharpen your skills before a drive test in Guelph by undergoing responsible and pro-active driving skills. This would significantly bring down the crash count to a significant extent. The expert instructors in the driving institutes offer valuable tips to the beginners in order to equip them with the necessary skills required in facing the driving test confidently. Follow these tips in order to ensure your safety as well of others on the road.

  1. Circle check

It is vital to check the condition of the vehicle before getting into the car to drive. It is better to have a look at the obstructions in the path if any. The examiners look for alertness in the candidates appearing for the practical driving test.

  1. Control the speed

Just because you’ve cleared your driving course doesn’t entitle you to cross the designated speed limits. While you’re appearing for a test, it is vital for you to ensure that you maintain the speed limit in whichever zone you’re appearing for the test.

  1. Maintain a health distance

While you are driving in a heavy traffic zone, it is necessary to maintain a healthy distance with other vehicles on the street in order to avoid any collision. If you fail to do this, you wouldn’t clear the test for license.

  1. Check the mirrors

Keep looking at the rear and the side mirrors every 5 to 10 seconds. This is vital when you are taking a turn or slowing down. You also need to check the mirrors while stopping the vehicle. Failing to do so would lead to collisions with other vehicles on the road and would be denied the license to drive.

  1. Scan

Whenever you spot a parked vehicle, look for the occupants. Never forget this tip as you would never know when a car door would open unexpectedly.

  1. Steer clear of the path of bigger loaded vehicles

It is pointless trying to compete with trucks and other heavy vehicles carrying load. It is hard for the drivers to balance these vehicles because of the load. Try not to overtake them. Your calculation would go wrong in case you lack experience and this would cost you your license to drive.

  1. Make use of the equipment’s of the car well

Cars are equipped with horns which help a driver to communicate with the other. Make use of them effectively and avoid zones where you aren’t supposed to use them. You need to keep this point in mind while appearing for a drive test in Guelph.

  1. Traffic signal

In case you have to drive through a signal during your test, you need to ensure that you move slowly with one car length. Don’t be too slow or you would get hit from behind.

It is always vital to follow the above mentioned tips not just while you are appearing for a test but also while you are driving after obtaining a license. Make sure that you look to the left, right and center wherever there is an intersection. Look into the mirrors often and make use of the signals while parking or pulling out of any parking space. Ensure that you are always driving in the right lane. Don’t sigh upon committing a mistake. This would grab the attention of the examiner in case he missed.

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