Maybe you just want to give your test in Guelph, maybe you have no other choice but to do it there. Your best option would be to find a good driving school Guelph, and to pass it well. Now a catch here is that different driving schools have different pass rates. For this you need to do a thorough review about which schools are easier and which are not, depending on your comfort level. There are lots of online directories which list the driving school Guelph available. After you’ve chosen a good school for yourself, use these tips to pass your driving test:

  1. Get out there and practice

Before you think of giving your driving test, you will need to do a lot of road work. Even more likely, you’ll have to learn a lot about the laws and practices, and the theoretical aspects of driving. You’ll get these by going to driving school where they will train you for your upcoming drivers test as well as for your future driving experience.

  1. Stuff you need to do before you start up your car

You are going to be assessed for everything you do while you’re in the car. So before you start up the car, you’ll have to do some preliminary things such as adjusting your mirror, turning off the radio checking your signal lights, buckling in your seatbelt. These are all going to be judged during your driving test so don’t forget them.

  1. Keep track of the speed limit

When you are driving, you have to keep a close watch on the speed. Make sure you’re not going over the speed limit, because this is something which can very easily fail you for your driving test. Don’t forget that once you fail, you won’t be able to give your test again immediately, but will have to wait a while before you can retake. On the flip side, it is also dangerous to keep your speed limit too low, so a benchmark is to keep your speed just under the limit, or maybe five or four kilometers per hour less than the limit.

  1. Parking on hills

During your driving test, they will ask you to park your car on hills. They will tell you to park on uphill and downhill roads, so once you’re at that stage, make sure you position the car right before you park it on emergency brake. You’ll have to ensure that the wheels are pointing to the left when you are uphill and on the right when you are downhill. Make sure you get it right so take your time. Remember to let go of the emergency brake before you start your car for the next part of your road test.

If you follow these tips, especially the one about practice, then you’ll pass your test in no time. Remember that the best way to learn is through a driving school so look up a driving school Guelph before you give your road test.

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