Steps to Getting Your G License

Unrestricted driving in Canada for an inexperienced driver is only possible through earning a G license and getting your driving lessons in Guelph. While the process to a G license can be a long and arduous 24 months, the end result, if successful can be very, very rewarding. If you’re looking for a way to get started on the process of getting your G license, then this list of steps can be your handy guide to what you need to be doing in order to be able to drive all over Ontario, and later, all of Canada.

The first step—is to know all you can about Ontario’s graduate license program. To summarize, the graduate license program was put in place to protect first time drivers from their experiences on the road for the first few months of them, as drivers. The program takes about 24 months to go through and you are able to apply for the program any time after turning 16. There are many driving schools and driving lessons in Guelph that follow the same pattern of the graduate license program.

The second step—to your driver’s license is to enroll yourself into some driving lessons in Guelph. This should be an important consideration only if you wish to expedite the path to your driver’s license. Enrolling in Ministry Approved Driving Courses or MTO driving courses can lead to a 4 month reduction in your graduate license program’s requisite 24 month waiting period. However, in order to benefit from this reduction in time you will have to ensure that the driving lessons in Guelph are ministry approved and offer both in-classroom instruction as well as on-the-road training hours. To make sure that your driving lessons in Guelph are the right pick, always check with your local ministry office.

The third step—is to take the leap and sit for your written test. The written component of your driving test is typically divided into 3 smaller tests; a vision test, a signage test and a road rules test. If you pass this test then you’ll qualify for a G1 license, which will cost you $145 to get. You may also require a legal guardian to sign on your behalf for your G1 license paperwork and application.

The fourth step—is to sit for your G1 road test after 12 months of getting your G1 license. The test will be relatively easy if you’ve practiced and are confident in your driving skills. If you pass your road test, you’ll then qualify for your G2 license. Getting to this stage of the graduate driving program means that you can drive on all Ontario roads without the accompaniment of an experienced driver.

The fifth step—and final step of the process is to sit for your G2 road test. That is only possible to apply for after 12 months of holding a G2 license. Upon passing the road test, you will be able to qualify for a G license, which will allow you unrestricted access to driving all over Canadian roads.

One thing to keep in mind, is that your G license is only valid for a total of 5 years, after which you will have to apply for a renewal on your license through a completely different (albeit easier) process.

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