Worried about getting your driver’s license in Ontario?

When you want to get your driver’s license in Ontario. You may often ask yourself ‘what do I need to do’ or ‘which steps do I need to complete first’. This guide will help you go through all these procedures and will provide step by step information so that it is easy to understand. Remember that these processes take time and require a lot of effort, so be patient and work hard. It might seem like your driving license is years away but once you get an idea of the procedure and requirements, it is much easier than it seems. Have fun learning!

  • Step 1

Learn about the graduated license program and its requirements. Ontario’s graduate license program was made to protect first time drivers as they are in experienced and are more likely to get into a fatal accident. This program was made to develop the necessary driving skills that are needed when driving. It takes around 24 months to complete and you can register when you turn 16. Due to this program a number of driving school in Ontario have opened up that follow the program’s format.

  • Step 2

If you wish to get your driver’s license a little quicker. You should consider enrolling yourself in a driving school in Ontario. This will give you a 4-month reduction in your G1 license acquiring period. by going to a driving school in Ontario you can also save money due to insurance premiums. When looking for a driving school in Ontario, make sure it is registered by the ministry of transportation of Ontario (MTO), if it isn’t then you are unable to acquire these benefits. Typically, in most driving schools in Ontario, the course includes an in-classroom program which specifically trains drivers for the written knowledge test and the other half of the course revolves around in-car training in which an instructor personally guides the student when driving. Driving schools in Ontario can make it easier to pass the test. When choosing driving schools in Ontario it is always a good idea to ask for recommendations and to check with the MTO.

  • Step 4

Take your written test. The written test can further be divided into three tests: the vision test, a road sign test and a rules of the road test. if you pass the following then you will receive you G1 license. You are also required to complete an application and paperwork. A legal guardian is required if you are under 18. Your G1 license will cost you $145.

  • Step 5

After 12 months you are then able to take your G1 road test. it is a driving road test that is relatively easy if you’re confident about your driving skills. This will allow you to move to the G2 stage of license.. After passing the road test you will be given the G2 license. This will allow you to drive on all Ontario roads all on your own.

  • Step 6

After 12 months of holding a G2 license you will be able to give your G2 road test. after passing this you will receive the official G license which is full and unrestricted. It is important to note that your graduated license is only valid for 5 years. It is important to move through the stages and to complete the entire process.

With knowledge of these 6 steps, you can now plan the processes you’ll need to complete in order to get your driver’s license through a driving school in Ontario.

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