5 Steps to Getting Your Driving License in Guelph

So you’ve finally decided to take the momentous step of deciding to get your first driving license. Congratulations! Here’s a comprehensive 5 step list of all you’ll need to do before getting your driver’s license in “The Royal City” of Guelph, Ontario.

The steps are designed to guide you from the early stages of picking driving schools in Guelph to sitting your behind-the-wheel test and getting your license.

Step 1-get the right list

Find a list of ministry approved driving schools in Guelph. This list can be wither obtained online or through visiting any of local government body offices and requesting a “MTO-approved driver education courses” list. This list will give you an idea of which driving schools in Guelph provide a quality driver education to its students.

Step 2-pick your driving school in Guelph

Once you’ve shortlisted a number of prospective driving schools in Guelph, the next step will be to individually evaluate the offerings of each school. When evaluating each school, these are things you’ll need to watch out for:

  • Class sizes—smaller the better
  • Instructor’s experiences
  • Medium of in-class instruction
  • Behind-the-wheel practical training
  • On road driving exercises

Once you’ve found a driving school in Guelph that fulfills all your criteria, you should enroll in that driving school and move onto the next step.

Step 3-enroll and study hard

Once you’ve enrolled into a driving schools Guelph of your choice, the next step would be to attend your classes regularly and pay full attention in class to be fully prepared for the next steps in the process.

Step 4-pre-test practice

Once you’ve finished attending your chosen driving schools Guelph, you should prepare for the most difficult part of the process, i.e. The driving license testing process. This process varies by province but will almost always include two parts. The first part is a written or verbal exam outlining road safety rules and regulations and the second part is a behind-the-wheel driving practical test.

The best way to prepare for your test is to follow these suggestions:

  • Practice as much as you can leading up to the test
  • Master your parking skills—parallel especially!
  • Get comfortable with your vehicle
  • Master the 2 and 3 point turn
  • Be patient on the road
  • Be familiar with the testing area

Following these suggestions should help you practice specific driving skills leading up to your driving exam.

Step 5-safe driving skills

After you’ve practiced you’re driving skills and are ready for the road, remember, a driver’s learning is never done. You must remember to adapt to all relevant safety rules and regulations that are applicable to the city you’re driving in.

Some valuable safety tips that are applicable everywhere are:

  • Follow road rules, signage and lights
  • Be careful about the speed limit
  • Ignore aggressive or destructive drivers
  • Avoid areas with construction or roadworks
  • Don’t use your phone and drive
  • Most importantly—never drink and drive

Finally, as we near the end of this 5 step journey, best of luck for your journey towards your very own driving permit.

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