Driving Schools in Canada

Learning to drive in Canada can be a challenge, but it really doesn’t have to be. With the right kind of help from government approved driving schools, you can turn your learning to drive nightmare into a much more pleasant experience. Driving schools will require a government approved license to operate in most Canadian States. You can use the services of these driving schools if you’re learning to drive for the first time, or whether you’re looking to renew your current or expired permit.

What Should You Be Looking For in a Driving School?

While picking a driving school is going to be your personal choice, the key difference between gaining the right help and struggling on your own can be finding a good local driving school. When looking for a driving school, it’s important to ensure that the school provides you with instruction from licensed driving teachers, quality in-class preparation classes, practice and training on road driving lessons. The combination of these three elements should leave you well-equipped to handle even the most difficult of driving tests. Aside from these keys elements, there are also some other minor things you should check for:

  • Well-equipped classrooms
  • Sufficient behind-the-wheel training
  • Updated safety equipment and protocols
  • Disaster training
  • New or well-maintained training vehicles
  • Regularly updated course work
  • Weather affective driving scenario training

The combination of all these elements may help you make the right choice regarding your driving schools.

Government Approved Driving Schools

When choosing your driving school, it is important to search for schools that offer either “MTO approved driver education courses”, or “ministry approved driver education courses”. Most driving schools will be approved by the provincial government so you can also check with local government bodies for a list of approved driving schools in the area.

A more effective way to search for quality driving schools is by asking for recommendations from friends, family and co-workers. Personal recommendations can help you weed out any driving schools that have not had the best driver experiences, and highlight any that provide exceptional service. In all, you should be searching for a school that not only teaches you the techniques of how to drive, but also teaches you the skills and attitude to be a responsible and safe driver.

Driving Tips and Tricks

So if you’re all set to take your first set of driving lessons from the school of your choice, here are a few quick tips and tricks about what you need to know to be a Canadian driver.

  • No cell phones, please! Not is using a cell phone illegal in most provinces, it can be very distracting talking on the phone while your full attention should be on the road.
  • Don’t be distracted! Don’t be one of those people who shave, brush or end up eating in the car, when you’re driving, be present.
  • Leave CD changing to the passengers. If changing your CD causes you to look away from the road, it’s a big no no.
  • Never drink and drive! Not only will you be harming your own life and safety, you’ll be dangerous to people on the street. And you can end up with jail time if caught driving under the influence.

Following these basic driving tips can you help become a better, more reliable driver for everyone on the street. So pick the right driving school and don’t forget to follow the rules.

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