The Three-Step Process to Your Guelph Drive Test

If you’re already on the path towards deciding that you need to sit for your Guelph drive test, them congratulations! You’ve just made the first move towards what you’ll be doing for most of the rest of your life, i.e. driving. But if you’re a first time learner then chances are that you think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. This three step guide should help set you straight on the path of getting your driver’s license, and fast.

Step 1-Know Your Test

Guelph drive tests can be challenging, but to make them easier on you, they’ve been divided into two separate testing blocks. The first thing you’ll be tested on is how well you know the theoretical material behind driving and being on roads. This will be tested in an oral or written examination depending on the province you’re in. this exam will test your knowledge of signage, appropriate emergency responses, road rules and regulations and types of turns and parking methods.

The second thing you’ll be tested on will often be referred to as a ‘behind-the-wheel’ test or a practical drive test. This part of the Guelph drive test is what more people consider challenging, so to be better prepared, make sure to practice till you’re (almost) perfect. The test will typically include a test drive where you will be required to drive around an area of the city in a completely natural setting with an examiner to mark your driving.

Step 2-Pick a Driving School

Picking a driving school is considered one of the easier parts of this three step process. Firstly, you can simply do an online search for driving schools around you or for Guelph drive test help, or you can ask for a list of ministry-approved driving schools at your local government body office.

No matter which driving school you pick, you should be sure to pick one that has been labelled as MTO approved, or ministry-approved to ensure that their teaching practices are current and in line with provincial regulations.

Another handy guideline when picking driving schools would be to pick one that is both affordable to you and fits into your schedule. Both these factors can be very important when making a longer commitment to any one driving school.

Step 3-Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More

Even though you’ll know what you’re going to be tested on, and even though you’ll (hopefully) be a driving school graduate, there’s still one very important step left before your Guelph drive test. That step is to practice what you’ve learn till you’re extremely comfortable in the driving seat, and in different scenarios on the road.

Make sure to pay special attention to your parallel parking, you 2 and 3 point turns, your speed control and your lane-changing techniques. Practicing all of these driving hacks can be the difference between you passing or failing your Guelph drive test.

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