Helpful Tricks for Your Guelph Driver Test

The Guelph driver test is taken in a step by step system, each stage is dealt with utmost care. Here are some helpful tips to steer yourself towards a successful exam.

The Guelph driver test consists of two parts: a road test and a written knowledge test. The knowledge test will be taken at your local licensing office. And during the road test you’ll drive while a ministry of transportation of Ontario (MTO) employee observes your skill.

Tips for the written test

By studying thoroughly for you Guelph driver test, you will be much more confident when giving the actual test. So my first advice is “hit the books”.

  • You should come prepared. You should know what might come in the test and you should complete all the necessary requirements before entering the local vehicle registration office for your test.
  • Take a MTO practice exam. These practice tests can help you prepare for you exam and are available online through third-party vendors.
  • Review your driver’s manual. They provide all the rules of the road. You can also access them online
  • Give yourself plenty of time to study. You will easily learn all the material if you have enough time to absorb it. You don’t want to drill all the material on the last day. Carve out a little study time each day and make it a routine.
  • Make sure to arrive to your local licensing branch well rested, well fed, with plenty of time, and ready to pass with a bang. The more at ease you feel, the better your chance of passing with flying colours.

With a little preparation and time, you can easily master the knowledge test.

Tips for the road test

Getting behind the wheel and practicing will be the best way for preparing for the exam. If you are a new driver, try to take a driver education course at a decent local driving school. In the end,it’s mostly dependent on your driving skills and your level of confidence when driving. Here is a list of tips that will help you get your license.

  • Drivers usually tend to make small mistakes while driving and this results in a minor reduction in marks. Most drivers dwell on these mistakes and think that all is lost. It very likely that you will make mistakes but you have to forget about it and focus on the rest of the test
  • If a driving manoeuvre is not completed in a single perfect action, it often needs readjusting. The examiner will not cut marks on this but you have to tell them about your readjustment
  • When driving in tricky places like junctions, crossroads and roundabouts it is always a good idea to slow down as many drivers are not experienced with them
  • The driving examiner will want to see how effectively you will use your mirrors, so use the appropriate mirrors whilst making turns and lane changes. You should know what is happening around you at all times.
  • If you are in the slightest doubt where to go. Ask the examiner politely and don’t panic, this won’t reduce your marks.
  • Not checking the blind spot is a common mistake made during the driving test. The examiner may ask you to park on the left frequently. Before moving off ensure you make the appropriate mirror checks and the blind spot to the right.

With these helpful tips, your Guelph driver test will seem much easier. Good luck in getting you driver license.

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