Helpful Tips for Guelph Driving Test

Being part of a driving test can seem like an intimidating thing. However, with the right kind of help, most people go on to pass their Guelph driving test and earn a valid driver’s license. If you’re at the start of the journey to get your driver’s license, then here’s a list of what you need to know before you sit a Guelph driving test.

Find yourself a driving school or instructor

If you want to pass your Guelph driving test then it is essential for you to find yourself a co-operative instructor. If you’re having trouble, just ask a friend for recommendations or you can do a little research yourself. You will need to ensure the instructor is patient, friendly as you will be spending 30-40 hours is also vital that you understand their teaching method clearly. This will not only increase your chances of passing but will also improve your driving skill.

Make sure to get lots of practice

Practice is always necessary when perfecting a skill and the same can be said about driving. Practice is the main component which will affects the result of your Guelph driving test. As practice not only improves you’re driving skill but it will also boost your confidence. Hence you’ll feel much more comfortable when you’re behind the wheel. If you’re free, why not practice a little bit. Office parking lots are always a great place to start as they are usually deserted on the weekends. When you confident enough about your driving skills. Also, Practice driving in many different locations by doing so you’ll get accustomed to different places and wouldn’t have any problem when driving downtown, on a highway or any other tricky area.

Once you’re confident enough about your driving skills register yourself for a Guelph driving test. Here is a list of thing that you should check before taking your exam

  • Remember to take the car you’re most familiar with. Also do a pre-test inspection to make sure that everything is working properly
  • Adjust your mirrors properly, as the examiner will be observing to see if you use your mirrors effectively
  • Reread and practice your hand signals and signage till you’re satisfied
  • Gather up all your documents and paperwork. You don’t want anything to be missing right before the exam
  • Use proper hand placement when steering
  • When parking always be extra careful
  • Always remember to wear your seat belt
  • If you’re having trouble understanding a question. Just ask your tester
  • Be calm and focus on your driving, don’t think of it as a test, instead imagine yourself practicing
  • If the weather is bad, drive slowly and carefully
  • Always watch out for pedestrians
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings
  • As a general rule don’t talk too much with the tester as it may distract you from many things

If you follow all these rules, you’ll be well on your way to driving on the open road!

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