Moving on into the teens, every child is caught by an urge to sit behind a wheel and explore the road on their own without a care for the world. Of course, it’s best done legally but for that one must pass a road test in order to acquire a license to drive.

Passing the driving test can be tricky, specially the first time, but it can be aced if the person keeps a few tips and steps in mind. Mentioned below are a few of them.

  1. The applicants are initially subjected to a written test. The test is mainly about traffic rules and road signs, the curriculum of which is given in any book related to driving test or in the driver’s guide of the state.
    Prepare whole-heatedly for the written test as it is very important to ace the preliminary test in order to establish a good impression on your overall score.
  2. Preparing for the practical test is a little tricky as most people underestimate the struggle a typical practical test foists. People need to accept the fact that merely knowing how to drive won’t do them any good during the test. In order to pass the test, one must be sufficiently good at parking and driving.
    Practice driving with a driving instructor in which they prepare you for the best preparation during your road test. The MTO approved driving schools offer grounds where one can hold these kinds of practice sessions to get you ready.
  • Know the rules. Driving on roads in not all about knowing how to drive efficiently. It also requires the driver to be aware of all the rules and regulations set forth by the state. Furthermore, the driver must also be familiar with the basic street signs and hand gestures. It is obligatory for him to know when to pass, how and when to pull over for emergency vehicles.
  1. Going to a drive with a parent is mainly considered disapproving by today’s generation but in reality, taking a parent to a short drive in the morning before the final test can be of a lot of help as it gives you confidence and assurance of your abilities.
  2. In most road test, a person is required to bring his own car. If that is the case then make sure your car is ready for the test. There should be no cracks on the windscreen. Make sure the tires are inflated properly. The headlights and the back lights, windscreen vipers, left and right indicators and the speedometer must be fully functional. Also make sure the car’s engine is working properly for instance, if your car is belching smoke and the examiner feels like your car might be unsafe to drive, they can turn you away.
  3. Make a good initial impression. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the road test.
  • Relax and be friendly with the examiner.
  • At all times, drive at a safe speed.
  1. Make sure the side mirrors and the rear view mirror is aligned correctly to your default settings.
  2. During the test, make sure to obey all the road signs. Signal all the turns before taking them and most importantly, be confident.

Following these simple steps will most certainly help you get your driving license in the first try.

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