Getting Your Driver’s License in Guelph

Guelph is proven to be one of the most difficult places to get your license. More than a third of the applicants fail their road test Guelph. The ministry of transportation said in a recent survey that 37% of the applicants fail their driving test in Guelph, making it the eighth hardest places for a beginner’s license and the thirteenth hardest for the G2 license. Obviously, candidates are worried since there’s a one in three chance they will fail. Many candidates resort to taking their test in far off locations where it’s easier to pass, but not everyone can do that. There are some people who must give their driving test in Guelph and find it impractical to give their test in a different location.

If you want to pass your road test Guelph then your best bet is a driving school. Now not every driving school is the same and some have some pretty terrible reviews about them, so search for one carefully either using word of mouth or through online reviews. Another thing to note is that some driving school is pretty strict and others are more lenient, which affect your chance of passing, so pick one within your comfort range.

Once you’re enrolled and you’ve got lots of practice under your belt, here are a couple tips to pass your test:

Don’t make starting your car the first thing you do

Before you turn the key to your engine, there’s a bunch of things you have to do beforehand. You’ll have to adjust your rear view mirror, turn off any radio or stereo if that’s on, check your turn lights, and buckle in your seat belt. If you don’t complete this ritual, you will be negatively marked, so don’t start your engine right away.

Speed limits

You’ll be judged on how you approach speed limits. Cross them and you’ll definitely fail. Go too far below them and you’ll lose points. A good rule of thumb is to be a little under the limit, maybe by a few kilometers per hour.

Stop Signs

You definitely can’t make harsh stops when you see a stop sign, that will cost you a lot of points. You’ll have to keep your breaks gentle, so notice the stop sign a good way away and gradually decrease you speed so that you come to a gentle stop just before the sign.

Making turns

Don’t forget to use your turn signals before you make a turn. Even if you are going into a turning lane, it’s still good practice to use your turn signals there, especially in a driving test. When you are turning, make sure you look in all directions for oncoming traffic. You’ll have to slow down your car, but you’ll lose points for being too slow or too fast. So keep a steady pace when turning and keep a lookout for any cars near you.

Parking brake

One part of the driving test is parking your car on a hill, both uphill and downhill. In this case, make sure you position your car well and then park it in emergency brake. When you are downhill, your car’s wheels must be pointed to the left of the pavement and to the right when you are uphill. Take your time to get this right and remember to let go of the emergency brake when you start again for the rest of your test.

If you follow these tips and have a good amount of practice under your belt, you’ll be sure to pass your test no matter where you are taking it from.

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