Whenever an accident occurs, the consequences are usually fatal. On a road, any normal day, a number of accidents occur between vehicles. These accidents take the lives of 41,000 people annually with an even increasing number of injuries i.e. 3,236,000; people are injured every year due to road accidents.

These accidents cannot be completely stopped but they can be minimized by taking into account a few basic tips that every car driver should know about.

Never drive exhausted or sleepy. A sleepy driver is a danger not only to himself but also to others. Always take enough sleep and plenty of rest before setting off for a drive, particularly a long one. Moreover, driving drunk is as dangerous as driving sleepy. It is best to take absolutely no alcohol or any other drugs before you get going for a journey. The driving classes in Guelph devote extra attention to this particular aspect. People sometimes take little quantities of alcohol in small doses so as to not get completely befuddled but it may make your head a little unclear or might just make you dizzy which is equally dangerous.

Apart from that, when on a long drive, it is better to take short breaks and naps every once a while but always make sure that wherever you pull over, move your vehicle off the moving road. Never park on the shoulder or in the breakdown lane for any reason except for emergency.

Before taking off on a route, carefully examine the condition of your car. Make sure that the car is well oiled, both in the engine and the gearbox, check your radiator and also make sure that the front and back lights as well as the indicators of the car are in an adequate condition. Although, it is recommended that you let your car mechanic do a thorough checkup especially if you are going on a relatively longer route.

Share the steering wheel while you can, if there is another car driver present, split the total time and let him/her drive. This relieves a lot of stress and pressure off both the drivers. Also, the one not driving can get some sleep and rest for a while which is mutually beneficial for both.

During the driving lessons of every state, the first thing they teach is to always wear a seat belt. Seatbelts assist when, right after an accident, the person’s body is about to encounter a second collision.

Under any circumstance, avoid using your cell phone while driving. In 2011, 23% auto collisions occurred due to cell phone usage, that’s 1.3 million crashes and the numbers are increasing each year. There will always be another text/call but there won’t be another life; think about it when you feel the urge to text while you’re driving.

When driving alone, refrain from using cruise control, especially at night and on a long journey. Keeping to the speed limit manually requires attention that keeps you focused on the road and keeps you from falling asleep. Turning on the radio can also help for this purpose.

Lastly, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the traffic rules of the destination you are moving to. The learn in car sessions in Guelph has great driving instructors; they’ll not only teach you how to drive but also train you to avoid any sort of traffic hazards while you’re on the road.

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