When you pass the road test to get your G2 license in Ontario and drive for the first time alone. It’s very hard for some new drivers because they are not use to driving alone. Without the guidance of the driving instructor beside you makes it little difficult because you were under their security. Best way to overcome the fear or not being nervous is to take someone along with you. Other things you can do is to take small trips like going to grocery store alone. Try going to places that you know very well. If you get lost go to a parking lot and ask someone to direct you to the correct direction. It is better not to drive alone at night time because driving during the day is very different from night time driving.

Once you start driving alone you will notice a lot of things that most drivers on the road don’t follow the rules. That makes is very hard on new drivers. When you get out alone and sit in the driver seat it’s a whole new driving and matter of controlling your nerves.

Guelph Driving School offer additional driving lesson to drivers who complete the beginner driving school course (BDE) which only includes 10 hours of in car lessons. Driving instructor remind student to practice extra hard when they start driving.

It is very important to drive properly and follow all the rules and regulations of the highway traffic act. If you get in any traffic ticket or get into to any accident your insurance will increase. You are already paying higher premium for the being new driver. So it’s better to be extra careful when you are driving alone.

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