Guelph is a city located in Canada, more specifically Southwestern Ontario. Guelph is also referred to as “The Royal City”. The city is one of the cleanest and safest cities in the country and also enjoys a very high standard of living. The city has also been ranked as having the lowest unemployment rates along with an incredibly low level of crime. It’s possibly the best city to live in Canada.

The city was designed by a popular Scottish novelist, John Galt who wanted it to look like a European city with a city center and broad streets and narrow side streets. In the small city driving and roads are not big. The entire structure is divided into squares and block to give it that special European look which it still holds today. The city has a bus transport system as well as an inter-city rail service for its citizens.

Driving around the city of Guelph is relatively safe anytime of the day and since it has practically no crime rate, most people are likely to follow the rules and regulations. However, like any other city or country, in order to drive in the city, it is important to pass the road test. Without a permit and proper knowledge of driving, it is unlawful to drive vehicle in public.

Driving may seem to be a difficult task at first, but it takes gradual and regular practice to master it. When driving, you have the responsibility of assuring the safety of other drivers as well as the pedestrians roaming the streets. Since Guelph is a small city and there are a lot of pedestrians, it is especially crucial to make sure that driving safety is kept at its maximum. While many people prefer to use the bus or rail transport system to get to work. There are a few people who prefer taking a car to work especially if they need to travel a lot from one place to another during the day.

The beginner driver education (BDE) course can be taken through many of the driving schools in the city such as the Guelph Driving School. This school can be contacted so they can help you to get the driving licence and prepare you for the drive test. Once you pass the driving test from Guelph test center, you are safe to roam around the city in your car alone. Usually the driving test consists of a 20 minute drive around the city to check whether the driver has learned all the basic knowledge of the signs and boards around the city and how well they can manage the car on their own which also includes parking. The instructors are ministry approved and have a good knowledge of the driving rules. Guelph Driving School offer in class training as well as driving hours and then give homework after class for students to practice at home. You have to complete 20 hours in the class training, 10 hours home and 10 hours in car training to complete the beginner driver education (BDE) course. After you complete the course students can take there road test 8 months from the day they got there G1 licence. After completing the BDE course the student will get certificate (Driver Licence History) it will be issued by Service Ontario which is acceptable by most of auto insurance industries for lower insurance rate.

When taking a driving test it is also important to look at the most recognized and well reputed driving school because that it what sets the foundation of how you will drive for life. In order to gain a licence and you must be able to pass several tests including an eye test and also a written test about the roads signs and signals and regulations which proves that you know all the basic knowledge. Only people 16 year old and above can gain a drivers licence and since this is not a simple process, it can take up to 20 months to get your Full G licence. But getting you G2 licence it take about 8months if you take the BDE course. Its take time for the entire process gets completed from the day you pass the written test and learn how to drive to gaining a driving licence in Canada.

Since driving is usually a serious matter, it is not as simple as just taking one short test and passing it. In Canada, it requires time and a lot of practice, therefore once you have passed the eye test and the written test, you will be given a G1 licence. In order to get the g licence new drivers must be able to pass the G1 and G2 learning levels as well as 2 driving tests. Guelph Driving School has courses for the education and driver training which will help you to get the in car licence from the in class learning to, in car learning and taking you on the road test at Guelph Drive Test center. Although Guelph is a small city, there are plenty of places where you can do to for driving experience to help you pass that test and freely drive around the city with a valid licence.

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