Passing a driving test can be a tricky thing even after several months of practice with a car driving instructor. The driving road test is the only thing standing between you and a valid license to drive an automobile on the city roads. For this reason, the driving tests are made difficult to pass so that only the best students can pass them in order to maintain or reduce the automobile accident rate. Here are a few reasons that briefly explain why people fail their driving test.

  1. Inappropriate speed. During the test, drive the car at a proper speed. Driving it too fast or too slow can give the examiner a reason to deduct points off your final score. Also, driving too slow is considered a driving fault at most driving schools.
  2. Keep the steering under control. You will have to properly sync the speed of the car with the gear selected. Failing to do so might get you negative marks your final score. Also, your steering must always be in your control. You must drive in the respective lanes and not in the center. Furthermore, also keep in mind to decrease the car speed on sharp curves/turns. The sharper the turn, the slower the speed with the low gear selected.
  3. Driving tests usually include a segment that requires the student to reverse the car around a corner. This little test is a complicated one but the trick here is to keep the car near the footpath without hitting it or going too wide. This little part of the test can be aced by carefully observing the surroundings and staying confident.
  4. Apart from the reverse test, the driving institutes also take a parking test. In this test, they give you a car and tell you to park it in a specific place which is usually marked on the road by a chalk or a paint. Make sure that the orientation of the car is perfect. Observe your surroundings carefully.
  5. Another very important point that must be kept in mind before going for a driving test is the use of mirrors. Most people fail their driving tests just because they don’t look in the mirrors when necessary. This might seem a mere problem on an empty road but on a busy road, failing to look into the mirrors when necessary can lead to disastrous incidents.
  6. Whenever you take a turn, do not forget to use the indicators. Signaling at turns is one of the most essential things of a test and the examiners take special notice in the way you use the indicators.
  7. Stay focused when driving through junctions. Failing to comprehend the true nature of a juncture is one of the leading causes of failing a driving test.
  8. Lastly, if you don’t understand something or have any questions, ask the examiner at the beginning of the test. He will be more than glad to answer them.
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