Guelph driving school offers the best driving instructors school in town. Our car driving instructors are competent and experienced; these professionals have been training student drivers in Guelph for quite some time now. The driving school in Ontario has ideal deals in the city, for anybody who’s willing to be patient and realistic about learning the skill. They offer low insurance rate, along with their cheap driving lessons price. Here are a few courses that the Ministry approved driving schools in Guelph offer:

Beginner Driver Education Course (BDE)

This MTO approved driving course is taught by experienced and approachable instructors. The course has an interactive and fun learning environment to it; activities like group assignments, videos, overheads, quizzes, discussions and the regular in-car lessons add to its charm. This innovative course covers the following topics:

  • Highway Driving: The topic mainly explains manner of highway driving.
  • Freeway Driving: As the name suggests, it is all about driving on the freeway.
  • Rules of the road – who goes first?: This topic explains the basic rules that must be taken into account while driving including the one that tells the students when they should drive past an intersection
  • Knowing your vehicle: Educating the driver about his vehicle is a basic part of any driving lesson. Our car driving instructors make sure that you know your car like the back of your hand i.e. knowing the pick of the car, the stopping distance, the extent at which the brake pedal can be pressed before the tires start screeching etc.
  • Basic maneuvers: This is just a warming up exercise before taking the car to practice.
  • Defensive driving techniques: One of the most important topics that our instructors talk about at our school is the concept of “Defensive Driving”. Defensive Driving is a form of training or practice for motor vehicles that requires the drivers to drive prudently in order to reduce the associated dangers. It is done by expecting the possible threats, which could range from bad weather to erring motorists.
  • The laws of physics: There is some science behind everything; cars don’t speed out of this rule. A driver should learn the physics behind every action one might take on the road, the chapters this topic covers are sufficient for that purpose.
  • Vehicle restraints: The limit at which a certain vehicle can be driven before it becomes unsafe to drive, is thoroughly explained. In addition to that, the student is also taught when to take the car for an oil change and water refill.
  • Emergency situations: Our driving experts try to prepare their students for all the possible emergency situations one can encounter once on the road. They are also taught basic mechanic skills to help themselves out of rough situations with minimum difficulty. Changing a tire is one of the main subjects that is discussed under this particular topic.

For customers’ convenience, the course is offered on flexible schedules. Students can choose from the following 3 options:

  1. Four Days Course
  2. Four Weeks Course
  3. Two  Weekends Course.

Make up classes are available for those students who joined a session late.

In addition to the Beginner Drive Education (BDE) Course, our school offers a number of separate In Car Lesson Packages. Guelph driving school is a center for people who are willing to take the G1 or the G2 test; these two tests are obligatory to pass in order to get a license.

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