Learning how to drive is a central part of a lot of people’s lives as it not only gives one the independence to roam around the city freely without being dependent on anyone but also it requires a great deal of responsibility. When driving, not only are we responsible for our own life, but we have to be careful to preserve the lives of everybody else on the road as well such as the pedestrians and drivers of other vehicles. Hence, when taking this responsibility, one has to be very prepared and confident.

The first thing that you can do is find a driving school. The simplest way to do that would be to type ‘driving school near me in the search engine and several options will pop up which will give you all the information you need of driving schools that’s are situated near your home. In order to drive you need to be aware of the driving laws in your country. By searching for driving school near me the search engine will also be able to direct you to the pages that have driving schools in the city you live along with the relevant driving laws for that area.

Most of the driving schools offer pick and drop services, but you will also be required to attend classes that will test your knowledge through a written test regarding the driving laws and regulations. The driving school are usually equipped with all the necessary tools and materials that will teach you all you need to know before you start driving. One of the necessary things you need to look into is the driving handbook which every state has that will equip you for the written test. It will teach you things like how to act in case you have to pull over in an emergency situation, or what the speed limits are in various zones of the city along with how to handle any accidents that may occur.

Once you reach the age of 16, you will be eligible to apply for a driving licence. However, being a new driver, this will require time and practice. Generally this process takes place in two steps:

  1. You will need to learn about all the laws and signs and signals for driving around the city and will have to pass the knowledge test.
  2. You will need to take a driving test practically

The entire process can take up to 2 years to obtain the full G licence so it requires a lot of practice as well. One you have completed the knowledge test and passed an eye exam as well as the driving test, you will be issued the beginners licence which is the G1 licence. However, getting the G licence will require passing the G1 and G2 phases and then passing two practical tests that will make your eligible enough to drive around anywhere with a proper licence.

Once you attain a licence it is important to carry it with you at all times. Along with the documents of the car such as a valid licence plate, owner’s permit and insurance papers for the car in case you get stopped by a traffic warden, which is less likely to happen if you drive carefully and keep in line with all the traffic laws.

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